We specialize in complete headliner to carpet detailing, but we also realize not every car needs a full detail. If you need a full cleanup or just a vacuum and quick wipe down, we’d love to be the professionals you trust. All our products are water based and will not harm your interior.


This is by far our favorite part of detailing. We’ve spent years testing wax’s, sealants and polishes, and we’re proud to say we have a product lineup that gives true results that hold up to Manitoba’s harsh elements. We have 10 years experience with machine polishing and can give you the perfect finish that will make your paint glow. So if you need a complete polish, or just need a simple hand wash, we will approach any job with equal passion and excitement.


Unfamiliar to most people, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the method of repairing door dents and hail damage without re-painting. We have over 6 years experience removing dents by getting a tool behind the damage, and gently massaging the dent out. PDR is  environmentally friendly as there is zero harsh chemicals and there is no painting required. Most dents are removed in as little as an hour, and are a very affordable alternative to painting.

Ceramic Coatings

If your looking for the best option to protect your paint, this is for you! The easiest way to describe what a ceramic coating is that its a liquid that gets applied to your car, and dries to form a hard layer. Its effects are insane gloss, super easy to wash, and helps protect the paint from harsh elements. Its not bulletproof, but its a huge step above any wax or paint sealant. Options range from 2+ year durability, all the way down to 9 months depending on what kind you prefer.

Aluminum Polishing (Semi Trucks)

Wow, this has been by far the craziest thing we have ever done. Its messy, its not fun, but it produces insane results. Its hard to believe how trashed aluminum can end up looking so good! We have been detailing semi trucks and trailers for a while now, and this was the next step. We aren’t polishing by hand, we use rotary buffers and bars to get professional results.  Check out some of the before / after photos in the “our work” tab up top.


  • Fabric Guard: Seals and protects your fabric to prevent spills from staining.
  • Windshield Rain Repellant: Makes your windshield bead water for minimum 6 months. no need to turn wipers on during rain storms.
  • Touch Up Paint: Repair stone chips before rust sets in.
  • Tar / Rail Dust Removal: Get rid of the gross black or orange specks on your paint work.
  • Rustproofing! We can help stop or slow down rust from forming inside your door panels / fenders, and protect the seams that commonly rust.