Dion Schroeder Detailing opened up 3 years ago to the public, but Dion isnt new to the area. If you’ve had professional detailing or paintless dent repair done on your car in Steinbach in recent years, there’s a good chance he may of been the one working on it.

dion schroeder

By operating in our own space, we can now have the freedom to preform the “hobby” style of detailing. What that means is you’ll get exceptional quality for the price you pay.

Dion has lived in Kleefeld, Steinbach and Grunthal and we consider ourselves proud to serve all of southeastern Manitoba! We know what its like to commute to work, and need a detail that will survive highway driving and all the challenges it presents! (stone chips, gravel roads, tar, bugs)

Our passion is to keep learning, improving and  researching new products / techniques to ensure the best possible detail. We don’t want your vehicle to just be clean, we want it to be so much more!

Imagine your windshield beading water off in the rain so you don’t need to use wipers, or carpets scotch guarded so liquids cant soak in, dents repaired without bondo or painting! These are all services that we are experienced in, and are proud to offer.